ImageStation 3.2

Opens a wide array of image formats and converts between them
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Image manager with support for JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF and numerous other formats. The tool displays the content of the pictures, converts between them or turns them into PDF documents and creates booklets from the images. It also includes the ability to scan and process graphical information.

ImageStation is a desktop application that providing ample opportunities for viewing images, scanning and processing graphic information.
ImageStation offers quick and handy viewing, along with the opportunity of simultaneous work with lots of files of different formats: JPEG, PNG, BMP, PDF, TIFF. A fast loading of multipage PDF and TIFF. Convenient display and view of all images. The simplest editing and moving of pages.

It provides you with the possibility of creating a booklet(brochure). You should print the information to read it in a easily way? Use the software and print the text as a booklet(brochure), it will take half space.

ImageStation also features quick scanning with personal software. Support of most modifications of scanners including WIA scanners and streaming. Support of web cameras. Always the same scanning interface. Flexible settings, done in a comfortable and understandable interface.

Moreover, it supports, converting, saving and printing. The opportunity to save pictures of various formats into one format. Converting to such formats as PNG, JPG, PDF. Saving in multipage TIFF and PDF. The opportunity to save page by page in one click with automatic numeration of pages in file names. Printing of all or selected images.

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